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Collecting the books

I am no longer stocking, nor selling, books in this series. This page is being provided as a reference for collectors.
Also, I am not able to assist you in valuing or selling your collection. Check with used/antiquarian book-dealers in your area for this expertise.

More Info

First Printings
There are two methods that Time-Life used to indicate the printing sequence of these books. The method differs between titles, and MAY even differ between various printings of individual titles. Some of the books list the printing (First, Second, etc.) towards the bottom of the copyright page. If there is no mention of printing sequence on the copyright page, then look on the final page of printing in the book. Count the number of 'hour-glass' figures at the bottom of the page. One 'hour-glass' indicates first printing, two 'hour-glasses' indicate second printing, etc. AND!, to confuse things just a bit more, #9 (The Expressmen), the First Printing has neither of these indicators - second, and later, printings of this title will have one of the indicators.

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