Two Banks Too Many - Coffeyville Kansas
October 5, 1892 - Coffeyville Kansas
Bob, Emmett, and Grat Dalton, along with Dick Broadwell and Bill Powers (aka Tim Evans) ride into the town of Coffeyville, Kansas, intent on creating their place in history - by robbing two banks at the same time.
This feat has been in the planning since the July 15th failed train robbery in Adair, Oklahoma Territory.
The gang had been involved in a series of unsuccessful robberies over the past several months, including a train robbery at Perry, Oklahoma Territory (their haul was several bags of worthless paper); another train robbery at Wagoner, OT (a rather small amount was taken); yet another train robbery at Red Rock, OT ($300 per gang member); followed by the Adair robbery where the gang again got away with just a small amount of money while killing one local citizen and wounding four others.
On October 5, 1892, around 9:40 a.m., Bob and Emmett enter the First National Bank, while Powers, Broadwell, and Grat enter the Condon Bank. A local citizen recognizes gang members and alerts the populace. Within a few minutes, 4 members of the gang, and 4 townspeople will be lying dead, victims of a horrendous shootout - and Emmett Dalton will spend the next 14 years in prison.
A critical three minutes were lost due to the quick thinking of Mr. Ball of the Condon Bank. He convinced the robbers that the safe could not be opened until the time-lock disengaged at 9:45. Before that three minutes had expired, the local citizenry had already opened fire on the bandits, with one of the outlaws being hit in the arm in the opening fusillade.
The ensuing gun battle raged through the streets and alley-ways of Coffeyville. When the shooting stopped, and the smoke had cleared, three members of the Dalton gang lay dead - Bob and Grat Dalton, and Powers. Broadwell would later be found dead beside his horse just a half-mile out of town. Emmett was taken into custody and his wounds were tended to by Doc Wells.
Local citizens killed were Lucius M. Baldwin, George W. Cubine, Thomas G. Ayers (First National Bank cashier), and Marshal T. Connely.
In March of 1893, Emmett was sentenced to life in prison. In 1907, he was pardoned, becoming a successful contractor and consulting on the production of several early Western movies. Emmett died in 1937, and is buried next to his brothers in the Coffeyville cemetery.
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